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Team Prp

Team PRP’s goal is to improve members’ ability to market recycled parts to insurers and repairers. It does so by taking advantage of their ability to satisfy the customers’ needs, by pooling their high-quality, late-model inventory and improving the efficiency of parts shipment and logistics to allow members to cover a wider distribution area.

Team PRP and its members represent a major force in the U.S. market. Statistically, Team PRP members

  • Employ approximately 3,500 associates
  • Provide recycled parts to all major insurers in the US and all the major body shops
  • Generate in excess of $775 million in revenue per year
  • On any given day have more than 5.4 million recycled parts in inventory
  • Purchase and recycle nearly 50,000 wrecked vehicles per year
  • Write over 10,000 invoices per day
  • Sell over 1 million parts per year
  • Participate in all the major industry trading networks
  • Play an active role in national and market area organizations including providing their owners and managers to serve in key positions within the ARA as well as regional and state associations

Combined, these factors make Team PRP the largest organization of elite independent recyclers in North America and a powerful and influential player in the process of recycling total-loss vehicles and the production and sale of recycled automotive parts.